Change is the only constant


That typifies our playing field. Skopei has been active for years as sparring partner, consultant and developer of user-friendly, data-driven, applications and products. The variety of expertise within our team enables us to turn ideas into market-ready products. We do this for our customers and for ourselves.

Without wanting to address ourselves as environmental gurus or sustainability geeks, we believe in the power of sharing. More with less. That is why, in 2014 we have launched a real estate and mobility platform on the market with which available assets, workspaces, means of transport and other assets can be shared within organisations, communities or even leased to third parties. Within this niche market, we started developing smart electronic bicycle locks, connected door locks, sensors and other hardware. This helps our customers to make sharing even easier, without having to look after keys. You can find more extensive services at

The experiences we have gained during the development of the Skopei platform and associated hardware have helped us shape who we are today. That is why you, as a customer, benefit from a team of highly driven and experienced professionals who have a great deal of experience in the development of large IT projects, IoT solutions and visualisations.

Over the years we have learned that really good applications and visualisations only have an effect if they are designed around the end user. We do not see data as a product of an application, app or visualisation, but as a way to create an even better connection with the end user. Satisfied users and customers are the best ambassadors.

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