Video and animation

At Skopei Films we provide feeling and conviction in two minutes. Fresh, clear and sharp.


From strategy...

What are the best resources within video marketing? We find out how you can best achieve your intended goal, set out a strategy and translate it into effective videos.

We believe it is important to devote sufficient time and attention to this, so that we are certain that the end result will have the desired effect.

055942a18746ab1896536b9e2bd825b4.jpg video concept...

The overall vision of the project is determined during the concept phase. A script and storyboard is written, and when necessary locations and actors are found. Moreover, the recordings are planned so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

3F6A5752.jpg production...

Lights, camera, action?

When we have decided that the concept meets the requirements, and the recording is planned, the production phase can start.

During this phase we translate the concept into the first tangible material, which will be the building blocks for the end product.

3F6A5748.jpg post-production...

Everything comes together during post-production. The video is sharply edited, and with the right music, colors and animation, it is lifted to a higher level. A cohesive whole is created here that holds the attention of the viewer and does justice to the content of the video.


...and marketing.

How do you reach the right target groups quickly and efficiently? We are happy to give you advice about promoting your videos (online)!


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