Urbee strives for a more liveable city with less CO2 emissions. We want to achieve this by means of a bicycle sharing system with e-bikes. 80% of all car journeys are under 20 km and the electric bike from Urbee is perfect for such distances.


80% of all car rides are shorter than 20 km. The electric bicycle is perfect for distances of 0-20 km.



How does it work?

You can reserve the bike with an app that is available for iOS and Android. When you have made a reservation, you will receive a pincode with which you can unlock the e-lock. The bicycle is followed to prevent theft. The platform guarantees a perfect maintenance condition and a full battery for use, if the battery status is too low, a bicycle will be removed from the reservation system. In the event of a defect, this can be reported in the app and a new bicycle is assigned.



What are the costs?

The bicycle costs 4 euros per hour during the day and 1 euro per hour at night. You can also sign up for a company subscription and then all your employees cycle on an Urbee for 1 euro per hour. Not used? Then you don’t pay anything.


Adopt a station

Free e-bikes in front of the door?

Where possible, Urbee places the bicycles free of charge in existing bicycle parking spaces. No concerns about management, everything is arranged.

The only thing an Urbee bike requires is a place to stand, a roof over the head and a power connection.