Experience Erasmus University Rotterdam


How do you experience a university at a distance, thousands of kilometers from your bed, couch and friends? And how is the atmosphere on campus? Erasmus University Rotterdam had a dream to let potential international students experience what it is like to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam through their smartphone.

We have developed a mobile-first website, which tells a story and inspires future students to come and study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In this project our areas of expertise in video, web development and interaction design are closely linked. This results in a smooth and intuitive experience, full of original videos and photos.


Discover the Virtual Experience of Erasmus University Rotterdam



Mobile first

The websites that dominate the internet at the moment, namely the social media, have been used as the biggest source of inspiration for this project. That is why we emphasized interoperability, user-friendliness and content during the development of this project.

The project involves many technical challenges, which meant that various disciplines within Skopei had to be bundled. The Virtual Experience is specially designed for use on mobile phones. In other words, all content is vertically oriented to make it as user-friendly as possible for every device.



Five main themse

In order to give a good impression of life as a student at the EUR, we have determined five themes. Each theme has been introduced by a video to give future students a complete picture of their life at the university. A mix of 360-degree photos, scrollable videos and normal videos give the students a realistic view of what awaits them.

We have not developed any fixed paths through the website, but have given the user the opportunity to create a story by being able to choose a next step from any position on the website itself.



An authentic feeling

Social media clearly demonstrate that content, developed by users themselves, generates an authentic feeling. That is why we have chosen to involve current and future students in the design process and in creating the content.

By using the latest techniques in the field of web development, video and photo optimisation, we have been able to realise a smooth Virtual Experience of Erasmus University, where future students get a perfect picture of what they can expect, a fantastic student age!