App development


Apps to create a great customer relationship

People are always on the move, relying on their smartphone for all the information that is needed at that time. That is precisely the reason that well-functioning apps are becoming increasingly important. We not only develop technically beautiful products, but also apps that suit your brand.

We specialise in developing native apps for various platforms such as tablets, smartwatches and TVs. We develop apps from the first sketch to the innovative production version. We have confidence in our reliable frameworks and qualities. But above all, we monitor the wishes and requirements of the end user throughout the entire process.

Tools such as Google Material, Swift and CocoaPods give us the opportunity to develop apps quickly and consistently on the appropriate platforms. By keeping informed on the latest innovations, we can deliver the best user experience that contributes to greater reach and engagement. Our built-in analytics and crash reporting tool monitor potential problems and give us the opportunity to respond to bugs when needed.

All apps that we develop within Skopei meet the following criteria.



Skopei delivers successful and innovative applications, and never loses sight of quality and reliability. That is why we deliver customised solutions based on proven frameworks, in which safety, scalability and privacy are the standard.

Agile and effective

The development of app always starts with clear analyses. We use Agile Scrum development methods, and our Lean Startup approach ensures that you always have insight into the costs and progress of the project. 

Optimal user experience

During the development of our apps we pay a lot of attention to user experience. This determines the success of the application, which is why we place the end user at the center of the design process. We see the increased demand for user-centric apps as a positive development!


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